How can I order?
How long does ist take to get the soft weapons?

How long does it take to ship now during the pre-Christmas period??

4 - 14 days within Europe

How long does it take from order to completion?

We are fast:
We produce your things in only 3 days to 2 weeks!

Ordering is quite simple

1. Fill out the order form.

2. Write what you would like to order, e.g.
1 Bo black
1 Bokken fiberglass black handle blue blade
2x Hanbo fiberglass red
etc. or something.

3. Send your order.

4. We confirm your order
and send you your bill.

5. We start working immediately and you pay the bill.

6. After receipt of the money we will send you your ordered goods.

Sometimes it may be necessary to wait for the money to arrive before we can begin work.

Here you can order.