Good materials and manual labor.

Edition No. 10

We improve ourselves with each passing day. The same goes for our weapons. Every day we look for things we can improve.

With our Edition No. 10 after long testing we were able to make small, but very decisive changes.
This is how our soft weapons simply feel incredibly compact,
that with the same, great insulation and
the durability of imitation leather for soft weapons with glass fiber cores is significantly improved.

From Edition No. 9 on forward, we are using an isolation that consists of a separate, tearproof hide, to improve handling and longevity of our weapons.

This naturally extends the life of the insulation itself. In addition, this skin is reinforced once again.

The insulated core is now compressed and stabilized together with the silicone protection at both ends. Previously, it could happen that the fiberglass core mobilized the silicone protection on both sides alittle bit due to the centrifugal forces generated. This created some space between the core and the silicone protection layer. The core could flake a little.

Also we improved the contact between the core and the hide, to give our Soft Weapons a better, crispy feeling when used.

Cores from durable materials
Fibergalss and Bamboo

Bamboo more is known as a core material and still widely in use.

Fiberglass has a different set of properties and makes up around 90% of our orders.

The biggest difference lies in weight. Fiberglass cores are about twice as heavy as bamboo.

This gives the training a more martial component:
You need to move your whole body in order to move the weapon, not just your wrist.

Getting hit by a fiberglass weapon does pack a punch. If you get hit, it's ok, but you will hear the bell :-).

Just remind yourself of the weight a Katana holds, or a Bo made from solid wood. This illustrates the point of using a good Soft Weapon with its own weight.

  • measuring and marking for core and insulation
  • sawing, deburring
  • preparing the core, furnishing fiberglass with structure
  • preparing the core, filing down bamboo, handling the surface
  • carefully joining cores
  • trimming silicone
  • carefully affixing silicone
  • closing off the core
  • compacting the core
  • reducing the gripping part of the bladed weapons
  • measuring and cutting artifical leather
  • preparing the hide
  • finishing preparing the hide, letting it dry for 1 day
  • glue the hide to the weapon, let dry for 1 day
  • Done!

We offer smooth and rough artificial leather in a variety of colors!
If you don't find your colors, please ask.

All colours cost the same, except gold, which costs 15-20 € more.

smooth-blue smooth-dark-blue smooth-dark-green smooth-yellow smooth-grass-green smooth-orange smooth-red smooth-black smooth-violet smooth-ruby rough-black rough-purple

We also carry pink, which goes great with a black handle.