Fiberglass Core

SOFT JO | ca. 51.57" | 131 cm | 920 g
60.00 € Fiberglass Core

Our Jo is approximately 51.57" | 131 cm long with a fiberglass Core. This, combined with a weight of 920 g, makes it an ideal weapon for training!

In colors like yellow, blue or red, it also makes a great "Kids Bo"!

Edition No. 10:
The generally improved, insulated glass fiber core has optimized our Jos even further.

Our Soft Jo are made to order by hand.

Do you want your Jo to be black? Light or Dark Blue? Choose between a plethora of colors! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have special requests. We will do our best to make your ideas come true.

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Thanks to Jürgen Bieber from the Furyu Dojo in Neu-Ulm, Germany, for the video of the training using our Soft-Jo!