Bamboo or Fiberglass Core

SOFT HANBO | ca. 39.37" | 100 cm

45.00 € 100 cm Fiberglass
40.00 € 100 cm Bamboo

Today, most people are larger than Japanese warriors were in days of old.
Hence 35.82" | 91 cm is too short for most people.

39.37" | 100 cm is optimal for most in our experience

Thus our Hanbos are requested to 99% in 100 cm.

2020 October:
Our Soft Hanbos are now also available in Edition No. 10. The generally improved, insulated fiberglass core is a further improvement on Edition No. 9.

Our Soft Hanbo are also only made to order and then by hand.

You can choose your own color. Would you like a special color? Sure, just ask us!

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Fiberglass or bamboo?

250 g Soft Hanbo with Bamboo Core
710 g Soft Hanbo with Fiberglass Core

Would you like a Bamboo or a Fiberglass Core?
Each has its own merits.

Soft Hanbo with Fiberglass Core

A Soft Hanbo with fiberglass core has quiet the "punch" to it. Even though it is safe to use in most contexts, it can be used with a lot of force if need be.

Ideal for levering techniques.

The "good" weight forces you into shaping up your Taijutsu. Our training greatly profited from it.

Soft Hanbo with Bamboo Core

A Soft Hanbo with a Bamboo core is excellent for all intents and purposes in training. Hits can be taken quiet easily and you can even apply a good amount of force without the fear of lasting injury.

Bamboo has this typical, well-known lightness.

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