Soft-Bokken and Soft-Wakizashi
Cores made from fiberglass or bamboo

SOFT BOKKEN | ca. 40.95" | 104 cm
65.00 €

All colors except gold. Gold: + 15-20 €)

Our Soft Bokken too profit from our Edition No. 10 with excellent stability and very good insulation.

Every step along the way of making a Soft Bokken and Soft Wakizashi is done by hand.

Most people choose black. Many teachers have gradually discovered the advantage of brighter, more contrasting colours. Choose your color!

"Gold" is not so much in demand. Maybe more now because of the many new Dai Shihan in Bujinkan. These Dai Shihan Bokken of course need a purple handle :-). If you want a Soft-Bokken with a golden "blade", it will cost a little bit more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this or if you have special requests :-).

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Fiberglass or Bamboo?

435 g Soft Bokken Bamboo Core
725 g Soft Bokken Fiberglass Core

What would you like? Fiberglass or bamboo?
Both has advantages.

Soft Bokken with Fiberglass Core.

A Soft Bokken with a fiberglass core does pack quiet a punch. It requires you not to move your wrist, but your whole body, which greatly improves your Taijutsu.

Randori, that is free-style practice, using fiberglass core Soft Bokken is not recommended for beginners.

Soft Bokken with Bamboo Core.

A Soft Bokken with a Bamboo Core is excellent for all intents and purposes in training. Hits can be taken quiet easily and you can even apply a good amount of force without the fear of lasting injury.

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SOFT WAKIZASHI | ca. 27.56" | 70  cm
58.00 €

Our Soft Wakizashi has a length of about 27.56" | 70 cm.

290 g Soft Wakizashi Bamboo Core
470 g Soft Wakizashi Fiberglass Core

A Soft Wakizashi is not just a supplement for a Bokken. There are many techniques that simply require a Wakizashi.

We often get asked:
Why is our Wakizashi as expensive as one of our Bokken?

This is due to the amount of work being almost identical as well as the loss of material which cannot be reused for other batches.

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