Exclusive cushioned training weapons
Edition No. 10.

Softbo, Softhanbo, Softjo, Softbokken made from high-quality materials

Hand-made soft weapons


We are glad you found us!

Since 2017 we are producing soft weapons under the and label. These are made for Martial Arts and crafted by hand.

It started as a necessity for our own training, but quickly grew to find customers in all of Europe, even among the "great names".

Flexible production – custom orders

Our production is flexible,
encompassing all sizes and lenghts a weapon can conceivably have.

Our products can be incorporated into almost all Martial Arts.

Safety and Comfort

These two factors often collide in Katas, Randori as well as simulated combat.

We tested a lot of different products and were often disappointed.

Either they were too hard or lacked the right amount of weight to be considered authentic.

We wanted soft weapons that still could pack a punch and, more importantly, were authentic when it came to actual weight.

So we decided to build these weapons ourselves.

Hand-made soft weapons
fiberglass or bamboo core

Asian Martial Arts uses weapons which are often made from wood and/or metal.

This leads to a certain amount of weight, which in turn affects the wielders movements during training.

Using fiberglass as a core material, we aim to give our weapons a realistic weight, so that training can be done safely, but still realistically.

Fiberglass has a lot more weight than bamboo.

And the results speak for themselves!

Especially with our Bokken or long weapons your training can greatly profit from the realistic weight.

We also enjoy whacking each other with bamboo core Bokken, though :-)

Randori with soft weapons greatly improves your overall performance!