Soft-Bo rods in traditional length, ca. 71.65" | 182 cm [rokku shaku]
Soft-Bo rods in XL length, approx. 79.92" | 203 cm

SOFT BO | ca. 71.65" | 182 cm | ca. 1.290 g
70.00 € Soft Bo

Our Soft Bo in 71.65" | 182 cm has a weight of approx. 1.290 g.

Using one of our Soft Bo to practice your form is almost identical to the "real thing".

The fiberglass core gives our Soft Bo its weight as well as a good amount of flexibility.

Our Soft Bo too profit from our Edition No. 10 with excellent stability, flexibility and outstanding handling.

Every step along the way of making a Soft Bo is done by hand.

You can choose your favorite color. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have special requests. We will do our best to make your ideas come true.

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SOFT BO XL | ca. 71.65" | 203 cm | ca. 1.430 g
75.00 € Soft Bo XL

Our Soft Bo XL has a fantastic length of 71.65" | 203 cm and a weight of approx. 1.430 g. It combines a real good Baam with

Big people need big weapons

The bo-staff should be a good deal higher than its users head. If you are 6' or so | 1.85 metres and above, we recommend a Soft Bo XL.

Of coure, the Soft Bo XL comes in a variety of colors as well.

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